Superbowl 2012: Chrysler – It’s Halftime in America

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It has already been noted the exorbitant price of advertising during the Superbowl, and how those costs are multiplied accordingly when the commercial is longer than the traditional 30 seconds. When a commercial runs for two minutes, there are other concerns that are encountered, besides monetary. With a two-minute time frame to work with, the director can afford to slow down the pace of the ad; but how will this be received by an audience who have just seen five snappy, witty and, most importantly, short commercials? For the comparatively eternal two-minute slot, tension needs to be build over the course of the advertisement in order to capture the viewers’ attention; a story must be told, and it must send tingles up the spine. And who better to tell such a story about getting hit and getting back up than the King of Grit himself, Clint Eastwood. Eastwood is in full epic narrator mode, seen through a smoky back-alley as he warns those who underestimate the architects of Chrysler’s spirit, the city of Detroit.


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