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In its simplest form ecommerce is the buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers over the Internet. People use the term “e-commerce” to describe encrypted payments on the Internet.

Our track record in industrial, enterprise focused, client targeted ecommerce solutions is why both Multinational and SME clients come to IDF Marketing. Insure that your prospective clients have interaction with an innovative, easily navigated, commercially sophisticated client focused E-Commerce solution that drives targeted traffic, improves sales conversions, maximises client retention and allows you to promote your domestic and global development.

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To provide our clients with the best possible solution for their eCommerce Solutions IDF Marketing has created our specialised eCommerce brand “CueCommerce” please click on the image below to be brought directly to the CueCommerce website.

7 Reasons to Choose ECommerce

Going global

Once your ECommerce website is live, you have the potential to not only reach your target market nationally but globally.

Quick online payments

Our E-Commerce team know that the payment gateway that you select is critical to your business. If your Ecommerce customers can not purchase goods online easily they simply will loose patience and move on.

For example we know that Paypal does not accept laser cards which are still widely used throughout countries such as Ireland, we advise Irish clients who are including Ireland in their target market to use payment gateways that also accept laser such as SagePay or Realex.

Expand your customer base

Creating targeted product pages within your E-Commerce website for new customer demographics with expand your customer base.

Track your sales

Keeping track of what sells on your ECommerce website is critical. Enable automated reports that can inform you of what is selling – with this valuable information you can restructure what products you would like to feature throughout your E-Commerce website.


We can design and develop your Ecommerce website to enable upsells. For example, a customer selects a product they are interested in purchasing and your eCommerce solution will also display similar products or accessories that the customer may also be interested in promoting upsells.

Customers loyalty

Selling online will help you to develop and maintain customer relationships. We can install customer loyalty facilities to encourage repeat purchasing on your E-Commerce website.

Automate your business

We can provide E-Commerce solutions that can automate your business. For example imagine a customer purchasing a product online, the E-Commerce system automatically sends a message to your accounts and requests an order to ship the product from your warehouse without human interaction.

If you would like to explore e-Commerce for your company contact us today.

IDF Marketing works with clients based throughout Ireland in areas such as Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway, Waterford & Kerry.

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