LinkedIn Training Courses

LinkedIn training courses have seldom been in greater demand. As a social media platform for businesses to utilise the power of internet marketing, LinkedIn has never been stronger.

2 new members join LinkedIn every second of every day! It is no surprise that businesses in both the public and private sector are keen to capitalise on the world of connections that LinkedIn can offer.

With over 150 million members (and this will definitely  be out of date by the time you read it) LinkedIn already claims to hold the largest professional network of businesses in the world.

LinkedIn have been active in their enhancement of site facilities. Once seen as the favoured tool of choice by recruitment agencies or job seekers (and indeed still is), the site is now capable of providing a superb service for finding, targeting and addressing your potential customer base – not to mention your existing clients.

Our LinkedIn training courses aim to focus on your business and how LinkedIn suits its purpose, products, clients and operating methods. We teach you how to exploit the features of LinkedIn to your advantage. You’ll also learn how LinkedIn can integrate with other forms of social media and how it can provide a source of traffic through to any other online presence you may have.

All of our LinkedIn training courses and workshops content is delivered in a bespoke style. We don’t waste time covering things you’ll never use and you will come out of our workshop with a much greater understanding of the site facilities and digital marketing potential.

If you would like to take advantage of LinkedIn for your business contact us today and we will arrange a workshop just for you and your company.

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